Incorrect pH Measurements are Common - Some Easy Tips for Accurate Measurement Calibration

Here are some pH measurement tips from OHAUS to help you with pH measurement calibration.

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CRISPR – Is there anything it can’t do?

You’d be hard pressed to pick up a science or medical journal these days without reading something about CRISPR.

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OHAUS AutoCal Feature Explained

AutoCal or automatic calibration is a feature that's found in advanced OHAUS balances such as the Explorer and the Adventurer series. Let's explore what this feature means to you.

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OHAUS Laboratory Equipment At Work

Find out how OHAUS laboratory equipment helps optimize every step of your sample preparation process

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Cell Culture Applications for Cell Biology

In every successful relationship, communication is key.

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Find the right pH for your application

Measuring the acidity or alkalinity of an aqueous solution is a simple task for most labs. But other sample types can post unique challenges that require special pH measurement considerations.

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Choosing the Right Shaker for your Lab: Shake it up with the Top Five Questions

OHAUS has compiled the top five questions to ask yourself when looking at purchasing a new shaker.

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OHAUS Products Help Control and Improve Seafood Processing

Streamline every aspect of food processing 

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