The Wine Making Process and the Perfect Pour

DO, pH and the perfect pour

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Dissolved oxygen (DO) in the wine making process

DO is crucial to the quality, stability and longevity of the wine and is generally measured during the bottling stage of the wine making process. DO can also play an important role during the fermentation process where high levels of DO can improve the health of yeast and fermentations, ensuring fewer complications.

The OHAUS ST400D Optical (Luminescence) Dissolved Oxygen Meter has been developed to offer repeatable accurate results, very low maintenance and ease of use.

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pH in the wine making process

pH nearly affects every aspect of your wine; flavour, aroma, colour, stability, ageablity, and fermentation rate. Accuracy whilst analysing the pH of wine is very important as small increments can affect the way the wine is treated and handled.

OHAUS offers the versatile ST300 Starter pH Meter that can be used as portable or bench top meter, delivers highly accurate results and depicts electrode condition through a simple descriptive icon.

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