Stampede Meat


America's number one steak supplier relies on OHAUS

When prompted to select a food that is distinctively Italian, one might suggest pasta.  Every country has their own local signature dish, such as fish and chips in England, sushi in Japan, and pierogies in Poland. In America, few would debate that a hearty steak is deserving of this designation.  Beyond steak and beef, other types of meat such as pork and chicken, among many others, are at the center of the dinner table each night in many households in America and around the world.

Stampede Meat, Inc., located in the Greater Chicago area, is a meat processing company that produces custom-made, center-of-the-plate beef, pork, and chicken products, and is the number one steak supplier in America.  Their skillfully cut pieces of meat are prepared for commercial foodservice in restaurants, large food distributors, cruise lines, and casinos, as well as for consumers through their distribution to retail stores.

Whether multiple cuts of meat are to be prepared for a banquet hall of 1,000 people or one piece is prepared for a family of four, the careful and precise preparation of the meat before it lands in the hands of the preparer is critical. Marinades and proteins are added to most products in order to ensure the meats are safe and delicious for human consumption.  Adding the proper amount per pound of meat is critical to this process and Stampede relies on OHAUS Valor 4000 and 2000 scales to ensure their meat is processed to perfection.

Aside from the accuracy of the Valor scales, Stampede Meat benefits from the dual displays, which allow quality inspectors to monitor the butchers' work without interfering with their production.  Valor 4000 and 2000 are also extremely easy to clean, with an IPX8 water-resistant flow-thru™ design that utilizes drain holes to channel water that has entered the housing out of the scale without posing any threat to the critical internal components and weighing cell. The easy-clean design allows Stampede Meat to keep their scales in pristine condition while supporting their mission to produce safe and delicious meat for their customers.

"The scales we have used in the past were not durable enough to hold up in our harsh environment," said Roberto Giuliano, Quality Assurance Manager for Stampede Meat. "These new OHAUS Valor scales are true workhorses and the best scales I've ever purchased."

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