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In practically every life science laboratory, the study of proteins is the building block of the day's work. These protein samples set the tone for the work you perform in the lab; because of that, proper sample preparation and purification are vitally important for accurate analysis.
From medicine to manufacturing, proteins are the workhorse of the biological world. Because proteins are the key element in sample analysis, isolating them is an integral first step in any lab.  OHAUS laboratory equipment is designed to easily take you through the sample preparation process from start to finish, so you can quickly and accurately harvest and extract protein samples from cell cultures. From incubating shakers to centrifugation, OHAUS has the products you need with the features you rely on to do more in the laboratory. From cell culturing to bead mill lysing homogenization, extraction to resuspension, and everything in between, click here to find out how your laboratory can Do More with OHAUS. 

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