Konya Seker Company


The OHAUS Explorer in the R&D laboratory

Konya Seker Company was founded in 1952 and has steadily grown to become one of the biggest manufacturers of sugar in the region.  The company also makes a variety of sweet treats, all made with their signature product - sugar - including chocolate, biscuits, halvah, and much more.

Konya Seker has found much success over their years by earning consumers' trust that every new product will be high quality and delicious, just as all existing products bearing the name of one of Konya Seker's brands are. To achieve this, Konya Seker puts a strong emphasis on their research and development (R&D) activities.  To ensure the R&D processes are correct and the findings will be usable, quality control is extremely important.
When they decided to set up a brand-new R&D laboratory this year, one of the items on their list of necessary equipment were balances, as weighing is a very important aspect of R&D and quality assurance. The employees responsible for setting up the lab considered purchasing the same balances they were previously using in their other R&D laboratories.  But when they had the opportunity to try the OHAUS Explorer for a trial period, they took advantage of it.  After using an Explorer for just two weeks, they unanimously decided they would outfit the entire lab with OHAUS Explorers.
The decision to purchase Explorers was an easy one.  They quickly found that the results produced by the Explorer were extremely accurate, and as an added bonus, were garnered very quickly.  The touchless sensors were also seen to bring a large benefit to their lab by helping to keep the balance clean, as it is common for researchers to have ingredients on their hands.  Finally, the employees of Konya Seker were pleasantly surprised that the balance could be programmed to operate in Turkish! Weighing in their native language was once seen as a far-fetched notion, but with the OHAUS Explorer, it is now a reality.

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